Bryce Wagner

Division: Outlaw

Board: Nomad (Yes I know you have never heard of it! WIP)

Stance: Regular



Deep water start 95%
knee down 75%
chophop N/A
540 Bigspin 0%

1) Where are you from? It changes. Summer months Kelowna

2) How long have you been wakesurfing? I've been standing behind the boat many years. Doing tricks and stuff 5 years

3) What boat do you mostly ride behind? Centurion's

4) Do you remember the first time you experienced wakesurfing and if it was love at first sight or did it take time to like it? I used to wakeboard a fair bit and when ever it was rough we would ride whatever else we could find. The first times surfing would be with the Hordyck's when we made a bowl and rode the whitewash ball of fun. After that i tried to sink my parents boats for lots of years when ever it was rough. I really didn't get into wakesurfing until i went to Koocanusa and saw what some others were doing that really inspired me.....

5) What was the first trick you landed and how long did it take to get it? I used to ride my board upside down and backwards. Does that count? if not probably the 360. I was so mad when i first landed it. Apparently less is more for me.

6) What trick would you most like to learn? Working on a few new things. I tried a heelside widowmaker the other day that lived up to its name.

7) What's your favourite lake to ride on? Osoyoos Lake southside, Havasu, Lake Pleasant, Ok and Wood. All for different reasons.

8) If you could surf with any two people you don't normally ride with who would they be? DMX and Obama

9) Of all the countries you've never been to, which one would you most like to visit for a wake surf competition? Ukraine

10) Favorite foods? Mexican

11) Favorite movies?  Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Endless Summer

12) If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring? I'm assuming this Island is in a warm tropical location with endless surf possibilities on tap. 1) Large quiver of boards. 2) A magical cooler filled with adult beverages that never runs out or gets warm and has a built in Ipod loaded with dance mix 95 3)This is a toss up between Phil Wilson and a lifetime supply of fireworks. Phil is pretty handy at fixing things and I feel like he's got a pretty good chance at fighting off the tiger. That and I'm 93% sure I can run faster.

 13) Who do you admire the most? My Sister

14) Wake up for glass or sleep in and take a chance? Smash some Glass!!

15) What is one thing that annoys you the most? Winter is coming...

16) Describe yourself in 3 words. I hate WINTER!

17) What is your biggest addiction besides wakesurfing? Gum

18) Favorite TV show? GOT

19) Iphone or Android? Iphone

20) Tell us something about you that people likely don't know. Classically trained Pianist

21) What do you like most about Kanuk and why do you ride for them? Rad group of people from the shop kids to the owners. It's also nice to have a little bit of input into what is beneath your feet.

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