Lily Anderson

Division: Pro

Board: Aurora

Stance: Regular


Accomplishments: Being on the podium is fun but winning the 2017 World Waksurf title in Outlaw female surf was definitely the highlight of my wakesurf career so far!

1) Where are you from? Calgary, AB

2) How long have you been wakesurfing? 6 Years

3) What boat do you mostly ride behind? Tigè RZX3

4) Do you remember the first time you experienced wakesurfing and if it was love at first sight or did it take time to like it? Yes, it was definitely love at first sight! I never wanted to get out of the water.

5) What was the first trick you landed and how long did it take to get it? The first trick I learned was an Ollie in the flats. I mastered it pretty guickly.

6) What trick would you most like to learn? Big Spin!

7) What's your favourite lake to ride on? Wood Lake, BC

8) If you could surf with any two people you don't normally ride with who would they be? Keenan Flegel & Austin Keen

9) Of all the countries you've never been to, which one would you most like to visit for a wake surf competition? France

10) Favorite foods? Sushi

11) Favorite movies? Ferris Bueller’s day off & Big

12) If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring? Food, water & clothes

13) Who do you admire the most? My Mom

14) Wake up for glass or sleep in and take a chance? Sleep in and take a chance! Haha.

15) What is one thing that annoys you the most? Mouth noises!!!

16) Describe yourself in 3 words. Independent, caring & kind

17) What is your biggest addiction besides wakesurfing? Shopping!

18) Favorite TV show? Shameless

19) Iphone or Android? Iphone

20) Tell us something about you that people likely don't know. I used to play competitive soccer and my team was quite successful winning two provincial championships! But I traded in my cleats for my surf board!  

21) What do you like most about Kanuk and why do you ride for them? We are a wakesurf family and everyone feels welcome! Also they have the best boards in the industry that have helped me succeed a ton!

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