My name is Julia Shevchenko, but everyone calls me JuJu.For the first time I tried Wakesurfing in 2017 , when I moved to Dubai and almost straight away I felt that it’s something more then a hobby for me. Step by step I started training and participating in a competitions. In 2020 Kanuk Board co, I was very happy about it , as it pushed me to progress along with the  best riders in the world.

  1. 1.My first competition was GVA ( International wakesurf championship in Geneva, Gold event,Switzerland 2018) where I took 1st place in Amateur Woman Skim Category .
  2. 2.After that I took part in FISE, Montpellier, France , where got 2nd place. It was a big festival of Extreme sports.
  3. My third competition was GVA 2019, where I took 2nd Place.
  4. I was happy to take a gold medal and become Middle East Wakesurf Champion in 2019, Dubai , UAE
  5. Last season was a hard work on the way to get invitation for the World Wakesurf Championship and I kept 2d position during all qualifications events and  finally I took 2 place in the World Wakesurf Championship in Woman Skim Category.
  6. I finished last season ranked number 2 in the World and moved to Outlaw Woman Skim to compete with the best riders all over the world. Season 2021 started pretty successful for me as I dedicated all my time to progress and learn new tricks.

It has been a year since I moved to Pro category.  Recently traveled to Japan and Spain to compete in WWA world wake association, where I took 2 silver and one gold medal on Centurion event. Beside my work as an athlete I am representing Wakesurf School- Wake Dubai , where over the past 2 years I had more than 3000 students from all over the world, as Wakesurfing is growing so rapidly. I am happy to be part of this growth and to bring to UAE culture of taking classes with great riders, who I am inviting in order to give the best opportunities to learn for our students. My dream to Open my School came true and now « JuJu Wake Club » welcomes riders from all over the world to train and enjoy a warm Wake in Dubai.I am very glad to be part of Kanuk Team it always feels great to be part of some big and to feel support of the Team Riders.