Karen Wang, a Canadian-Taiwanese rider who spent 10 years doing architecture in New York/Paris and now resides somewhere in Asia. For the past 2 years, “somewhere” is more accurately a place with a body of water such as the Jilong river in her hometown Taipei, the Mines lake in Kuala Lumpur or the sea in Sanya, Hainan Island. She is a passionate wakesurf rider who stumbled on her first Kanuk and has been riding the same model year after year…now on her 4th Kanuk Cassidy custom board. When she is not training for competitions, she holds training camps and coaches avidly in English and Chinese. In addition to consulting for the largest wakeschool in the world (China, an operation of 30+ boats), she is a qualified judge for the CWSA, WWA and has organized numerous competitions in China, notably the first CWSA event in China (Asia Championships ‘22) and the nationals IWWF Sanya Cup in 2022. She’s a competitive rider who enjoys the challenge of the competition for self-growth but more importantly appreciates the exchange with other riders around the world. She has won numerous titles in the past, coming in first place at the CWSA World Championships (Amateur division ‘22) and is now competing in the CWSA Outlaw division (currently ranked 3rd worldwide). She hopes to achieve pro status with the Kanuk team and is in the process of launching a small brand for wakesurf use and comfort.