About Us!

Kanuk Board Co is a family run business who turned their passion for Wakesurfing into a worldwide Wakesurf brand people know and love!


Erik Anderson

Within the wakesurfing community, Erik is known as "Mr. Kanuk". Erik has always had a passion for board sports, growing up skateboarding and snowboarding. When he first discovered wakesurfing he immediately had a passion for it - especially considering it was something he could share with his family, who is the most important to him. After working many years in many different industries, Erik saw Kanuk as an opportunity to take his passion for wakesurfing and share it with the world, creating high performance wakesurf boards for every rider! Erik, along with his family - Bridget, Lily & Mats together have shaped Kanuk Board Co what it is today, and we couldn't be more proud! The Anderson family is a prime example of the #kanukyourself attitude, Kanuk would not be the same without the roots they have grown together as a family.

How It Started

2011, the Anderson family bought their first wake boat where they first discovered their love for boat days and wakesurfing. After a few summers of wakesurfing any chance they got, they found the opportunity to compete in 2015 and knew immediately it was something they would continue doing. Family time is the most important to their family, spending summers on the boat together and travelling all over the world for a sport they all love came easy to them.

Fast forward to today, they still travel and compete - Lily Anderson is now one of the top Professional female riders and has accomplished many wins over the years! The family has travelled all over the world to compete and promote Kanuk Board Co as one of the top wakesurfing brands in the world. It has truly been a dream come true being able to do what they love together as a family. It's the "best job in the world" and they are excited to grow within the sport as a Wakesurf brand. The opportunities are endless! Follow along our journey of turning our dreams into reality. Kanuk is not only a team - Kanuk is a family! #KanukYourself and join our crew!

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