Julia Shevchenko

My name is Julia Shevchenko, but everyone calls me JuJu.

For the first time I tried Wakesurfing in 2017 , when I moved to Dubai and almost straight away I felt that it’s something more then a hobby for me.


Step by step I started training and participating in a competitions.


In 2020 Kanuk Board co, 

I was very happy about it , as it pushed me to progress along with the  best riders in the world.


1.My first competition was GVA ( International wakesurf championship in Geneva, Gold event,Switzerland 2018) where I took 1st place in Amateur Woman Skim Category .

2.After that I took part in FISE, Montpellier, France , where got 2nd place. It was a big festival of Extreme sports.

  1. My third competition was GVA 2019, where I took 2nd Place.
  2. I was happy to take a gold medal and become Middle East Wakesurf Champion in 2019, Dubai , UAE
  3. Last season was a hard work on the way to get invitation for the World Wakesurf Championship and I kept 2d position during all qualifications events and  finally I took 2 place in the World Wakesurf Championship in Woman Skim Category.


I finished last season ranked number 2 in the World and moved to Outlaw Woman Skim to compete with the best riders all over the world


  1. Season 2021 started pretty successful for me as I dedicated all my time to progress and learn new tricks.


1 st place Online WRS -Outlaw Woman Skim 2020 ,event #1

1 st place Online WRS - Outlaw Woman Skim 2020, event #2

1 st place Gold Event WRS- Outlaw Woman Skim, event #3, #4 and #5

In August I got a title of the European Wakesurf Champion!!!


In September I won World Wakesurf Championship and couldn’t be more happy about it! 


It has been a year since I moved to Pro category. 

 Recently traveled to Japan and Spain to compete in WWA world wake association, where I took 2 silver and one gold medal on Centurion event.


Beside my work as an athlete I am representing Wakesurf School- Wake Dubai , where over the past 2 years I had more than 3000 students from all over the world, as Wakesurfing is growing so rapidly. I am happy to be part of this growth and to bring to UAE culture of taking classes with great riders, who I am inviting in order to give the best opportunities to learn for our students. 


My dream to Open my School came true and now « JuJu Wake Club » welcomes riders from all over the world to train and enjoy a warm Wake in Dubai.


I am very glad to be part of Kanuk Team it always feels great to be part of some big and to feel support of the Team Riders.

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