Hi, I’m Emma Galusha and I started wake surfing in 2011. I grew up spending summers with my family on Keuka Lake in Upstate, NY. From a young age, I always loved the water. I learned to waterski at 5 years old and when my family got a wake boat we learned how to wake surf. I Instantly fell in love with wake surfing and the feeling of riding the wave with no rope… I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since! Whenever someone would ask me what I want to be when I grow up I would say “I want to be a professional wake surfer!” 

I came into the competition scene in 2021. After several podium finishes throughout that year, I was invited to worlds. That year I placed 2nd in Amateur at the world championships. Moving up to outlaw the following year, I placed 3rd in the Outlaw at the 2022 world championships. Heading into the Pro division in 2023, competing against some of the best female wake surfers in the world, I was proud to end my first pro season ranked 5th in the world! I am very excited to join the Kanuk team and announce my Emma G Pro model board with Kanuk! I’m so impressed with the quality and performance of Kanuk Boards. I can’t wait to progress my riding this season with Kanuk Board Co. 

Over the years, Competing has been an amazing experience. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to teach others how to wake surf and progress their skills. In 2022, Ryan Deese and I started our wake surf school, WakeSurf Florida, where we spend the winters/springs sharing our passion and knowledge of wake surfing with others. In the summer you can find us in The Finger Lakes of Upstate, NY where we run a Summer Kids Wake Surf program. Teaching Kids how to wake surf has become a huge passion of mine and I’m so grateful to share the stoke with young surfers. 

I am SO stoked to be apart of a board company that produces the best of the best skim and surf style boards. I am filled with gratitude to continue my career as a professional wake surfer and live my dream! Check out my Emma G pro model, I hope you love it as much as I do!