Tyler Stewart here! I am a three time World Champion and I have been riding Kanuk for four years! My family and I have always enjoyed water sports and hanging out on the lake. I started wake surfing when I was 13 years old and spent the next couple of summers competing in some local events just for fun. By 2019, I was competing all around the country in the semi-pro division and qualified for the World Wakesurf Championships. I got on my first Kanuk board right before this big competition and I was able to progress at a much faster rate leading me to take first place, beating my nearest competitor by nearly 30 points! In 2020, I launched my signature wakesurf board with Kanuk Board Co and got 1st place at nine different competitions. This allowed me to qualify for the World Wakesurf Championship where I was crowned the world champ in the Men's Pro Skim division! In the 2021 season I landed multiple podiums and a third place at worlds. I went undefeated the entire 2022 season and earned my second world title for Pro Men Skim! I have just released my 2023 board design with Kanuk Board Co! When I'm not surfing on the Minnesota lakes, you can find me at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix! Make sure to check out The Wakesurf Party and get stoked for this next season!